Friday, July 26, 2013

That's a wrap

The car finally made it to Atlanta, and I've been enjoying it for the last couple days. In total, it took 8 weeks and 5 days for it to get from Nice, France to Atlanta, Georgia, broken down thusly:

  • 10 days to get picked up from Nice
  • 7 days to get loaded onto the boat
  • 20 days to cross the Atlantic
  • 7 days to go through CBP
  • 14 days to go through the Vehicle Distribution Center
  • 3 days to be delivered to my dealer

But the agony is finally over now and the car fits like a glove. The car cover from my last car even fits (albeit not very well) so I can keep it clear of the oak worm poo and sap from the oak tree in my driveway.

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