Thursday, May 30, 2013

How soon is too soon to call?

I feel like a guy who had a great date with a girl who's waiting for enough time to pass before calling her so he doesn't seem desperate. This phase is easily the worst part of the whole European Delivery process. You've had a little taste of your new UDM and now you have to wait in limbo until you can get whatever morsels of information that dribble out about where it is, which ship it's going to be on, when that ship is supposed to cross the pond, how long it's going to be stuck in customs. It's absolute torture. #firstworldpains

On a lighter note, I feel completely overwhelmed going through my 1100 photos. I just got through importing them all into Adobe Lightroom and have geotagged and applied basic keywords and post-processing steps to them. I think I am going to have to just go one day at a time and be ruthless about which shots make the first cut. I got a new monitor to help out with navigating through the pics and tweaking them and I think that will speed up the process a fair bit.

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